8/7/2013 - 9:41am

>> Sunday, July 7, 2013

Good morning world, My world.
This is my 2nd official post for my blog. I feel highly satisfied with this achievement (LOL)
n today marks my 4th week of workin at AIG.. skang ade mase free.. so i decided to use it to 'Improve my writing skills' here.. finally i found a place where i can say anythings that i want.

so... on my 4th week.. So far its been great working here..most of the colleagues are very friendly. even at 1st they all mcm susah utk buat b'sembang.. coz my 1st 2 week here rase mcm forever alone je kat ofis ni.huhu.. Alhamdulillah skang aku rse da bole adapt ngn tmpat ni..

erm..ape lg yup.. maybe stakat ini je kot..xde mood lg nk mngarang pnjang2 kt sini..the time will come..haha..

ok salam



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